Zones nourricières écologiques (Ecological food zones)

Last updated October 6, 2022
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This project calls for the development of spaces that promote urban agriculture on public property. It was one of the winning projects in the first edition of the city’s participatory budget.


Creation of compact spaces in which to grow trees and edible honey plants, based on a permaculture approach that favours indigenous plants. These green spaces may include pollinator-friendly flower beds, mushroom farms and orchards.

This project will be implemented in five boroughs, with a total budget of $2.9 million.


  • Offer ecological and food-related alternatives to lawns.
  • Provide spaces for relaxation, picking gardens, and access to nature.

Progress update

Learn more about the details of the project in each borough:

Preliminary analysis

  • Location: Parks Saint-Simon-Apôtre, De Salaberry, and the 3rd one to be determined
  • Budget: $624,000 
  • Delivery date: To be determined

Preliminary analysis

  • Location: Linear strip alongside the Canal de l’Aqueduc (between Avenue Dollard and Boulevard LaSalle)
  • Budget: $221,000 
  • Delivery date: Summer of 2023

Under planning

  • Place: Parc Beaubien, mairie d’arrondissement and parc John-F.-Kennedy
  • Budget: $500,000
  • Delivery date: Summer 2023

Under planning

  • Locations: Two zones, one at Parc Médéric-Archambault and one at Parc Clémentine-de-la-Rousselière (corner of Rue Notre-Dame Est and Rue Rousselière)
  • Budget: $800,000
  • Delivery date: Summer and Fall of 2023

Under planning

  • Description: Phase 2 of Saint-Laurent Biodiversity Corridor. Learn more
  • Location: Parc Philippe-Laheurte (near Boulevard Cavendish)
  • Budget: $800,000 
  • Delivery date: Spring of 2023