Carrefour de la recherche urbaine de Montréal

The Carrefour de la recherche urbaine de Montréal (CRUM) is helping to improve Montrealers’ quality of life by helping to develop innovative projects with a strong impact that are the result of collaboration between institutions of higher learning, researchers and the city.

The CRUM, which was created by the Service du développement économique, aims to bring solutions to urban issues that Montrealers face.  The CRUM acts as a liaison between:

  • City employees and elected officials, both in Montréal and neighbouring municipalities 
  • Researchers and graduate/post-graduate students
  • Non-profit organizations with ties to innovation and research
  • Governments and public organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and company leaders.


  • Provide support to Montréal’s boroughs and departments as well as all institutions of higher learning in carrying out research projects 
  • Organize networking and consultation events between the city and institutions of higher learning 
  • Encourage and promote the transfer of research results to target populations 

Current projects

Student Competition - Montréal as a testing ground

In partnership with C40 Cities, a global network of cities committed to the fight against climate change, Montréal and 15 other cities are participating in the first international Students Reinventing Cities competition. Students and academics from around the world are invited to imagine cities differently and propose solutions to transform neighbourhoods to make them more ecological, inclusive and dynamic.  The southern sector of the Faubourgs area has been identified as a study site in Montréal.  

SÉRI Montréal

SÉRI Montréal encourages synergies between experts in different fields and the transfer of innovation to industries and municipalities through talks, showcases and networking activities. 

“From Ideas to Innovation: Transforming Montréal Through Research” program 

The city contributes to research about urban issues by granting research scholarships to graduate students. 

Science advisory workshops for elected officials

These workshops, which are organized in collaboration with the Bureau du scientifique en chef du Québec, are an information channel between researchers and elected officials to help make sure that decisions and public policy take the most recent advances in various scientific domains into account. 

Policy Lab

The Policy Lab offers students in McGill’s public policy master’s program the opportunity to work closely with the city to solve a current policy issue.