Service de l’évaluation foncière

The Service de l’évaluation foncière de la Ville de Montréal prepares and updates property assessment rolls for the 16 municipalities within the agglomeration of Montréal.


Property assessment falls under the jurisdiction of the agglomeration. The mission of the Service de l’évaluation foncière (property assessment department) is to create, update and defend property assessment rolls for the 16 municipalities within the Montréal agglomeration, in accordance with the provisions of Québec’s Act respecting municipal taxation. The department plays a central role in the municipal taxation system of the entire agglomeration, which is the source of nearly 65 per cent of municipal revenues. 

Priority actions in 2023

  • Receiving and process applications to review the property assessment roll 
  • Evaluating and promote a large number of new buildings and renovations within the agglomeration, and turn this economic activity into revenues for the city
  • Take part in work to implement the new digital property assessment system 
  • Improving the information collection process for building owners by introducing practices that reduce the ecological footprint 
  • Taking advantage of lease renewals to review the department’s need for office space, reduce operating costs and contribute to the ecological transition
  • Continuing to make documentation needed for the evaluation process digital to optimize remote working operational capacity