Spectacle de contes dans le cadre de Festilou


Tales from my childhood

An oral storytelling show for young people aged 4 to 12 by Ilia Castro.


Tales from my childhood

A storytelling show by Ilia Castro

I bring a bundle of tales full of fantasy and tenderness. There will be letters playing hopscotch, a kingfisher caught, and other unusual marine and land adventures.

Biography :

Of Argentine origin, Ilia Castro, adventurer, lover of life, movement and speech, trained in theater and taekwondo in Buenos Aires. In Quebec, she discovers the tale through which she deploys a sparkling word, dotted with madness, inspired mainly by contemporary Latin American tales. Ilia then leaves to live in Paris where her stage space also becomes paper; his body, a feather; his voice, ink. At Éditions D’Eux, she published Le Citronnier. On her return, at the Combat de contes children’s editions of the 2023 Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival, she was honored with the Audience Award.


6767 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges
Montréal, QC H3S 2T6