Apply for a subsidy for a felled ash tree

Last updated March 25, 2024

Did you have your ash tree felled? The city offers a subsidy that partially reimburses your felling costs,as long as you have your ash tree replaced.

Before applying online for a subsidy, check the conditions.


  • You can only apply for a subsidy if you have obtained a permit (or certificate of authorization) prior to felling your ash tree.
  • The diameter of each felled tree must be at least 15 cm as measured 1.4 m from the ground.
  • Your ash tree must be felled by a recognized tree service company.
  • You must have your ash tree replaced by the city.
  • You must respect the deadlines: the subsidy must be requested at the latest 365 days after the felling.


You could get a subsidy of $10 per centimetre of the diameter of each ash tree you had felled.

For example, if the diameter of the felled tree is 20 cm, the subsidy would be:
20 cm x $10 = $200

Free replacement

The city will replace your ash tree free of charge. The replacement tree and planting fees represent a value of at least $300. 

After you submit the subsidy form, a program manager will contact you. You will then be offered a choice of tree species that are adapted to your land.

Required documents

  • A digital copy of the felling permit from your borough
  • A digital copy of the detailed bill for the tree or tree planting, signed by you

Apply for a subsidy