Boulevard Gouin Ouest

Last updated June 19, 2024
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Between Rue Paiement and Rue Chauret
Montréal, QC

This summer, pedestrians and local history take centre stage on Boulevard Gouin Ouest. This section of the boulevard, with its quaint little squares, country-style street furniture and landscaping, is the perfect place for a safe and active outing.


This 275-metre section of Boulevard Gouin Ouest between Rue Paiement and Rue Chauret lies in the former village centre of Sainte-Geneviève. As a founding and unifying feature on the island of Montréal, Boulevard Gouin holds historical and symbolic importance and thus deserves to be preserved and enhanced.

This project, the centrepiece of a revitalization effort thanks to its strong attraction potential, is aimed at improving the pedestrian experience by adding appealing and attractive installations, while promoting safe and active mobility.


  • Create a safer and more comfortable traffic corridor for everyone, but also a space where people will want to stop and sit for a while.
  • Improve safety for the most vulnerable users and for pedestrians and cyclists by offering traffic easing measures and reducing the size of the space available for cars and on-street parking.
  • Make the public space greener in an effort to mitigate heat islands.
  • Highlight the history of Sainte-Geneviève village core.


  • People-friendly small squares in part inspired by the Place Shamrock project in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie and the De Castelnau project in Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension. These green spaces will allow residents and visitors to sit and unwind, socialize and have fun.
  • Street furniture adapted to the country-like character of the village centre and the needs of local users.
  • Plant-rich landscaping, green canopy and reflective covering.

To discover: 1908, the final voyage of the raftsmen on the Rivière des Prairies

  • A riverside landscape
  • A wooded topography
  • Historical anecdotes

A series of wood slices from local trees, assembled to form a movement towards the site, which becomes a place of wonderment with street furniture and functional signage. Historical anecdotes are shared through raw pixelizations featuring given names and important dates. The story of a village, yesterday and today, steeped in the stories of the past, and weaving together new intergenerational encounters.