New Lachine waterfront park

Last updated June 5, 2023
1800, chemin des Iroquois
Montréal, QC H8S 4J5

Accessible free of charge to the entire population, the new waterfront park in Lachine is a long peninsula more than one kilometre long between Parc René-Lévesque and Promenade Père-Marquette.


In 2020, Ville de Montreal announced the transformation of the Lachine Marina into a new waterfront park to provide the entire population with a new iconic destination that showcases Montreal’s waterfront and island identity. A public participation process was held to imagine the place. Read the results of the citizen participation process and learn about the key dates to the steps of this major future waterfront park project.

Until the park’s completion in the long term, events will be held to revitalize the space and give people a chance to discover this delightful place. To relax and enjoy the landscape, come enjoy a snack at one of the picnic tables or watch the sunset at the end of the cape. A beautiful invitation to indulge in some contemplation!

This peninsula is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists only.  Numerous bike racks are installed in the park as well a BIXI station near the entrance.

Development of the new Lachine waterfront park
Start of work: week of September 19
End of work: December 

To repurpose it as a reception and service pavilion, the old harbour master’s office requires some updates.
This project is part of the preparatory work required for redeveloping this space into a new waterfront park. 

Work presently in progress:

  • Construction of a pumping station and a discharge line to allow its wastewater to be conveyed to the municipal sewer system.
  • Reconstruction of a water supply line to enable more effective fire fighting.

The park will be closed until this work is completed, to prevent traffic in the construction area and ensure the population’s safety.

Rules to follow

  • No swimming allowed
  • It is prohibited to moor or berth any watercraft at a dock, except in areas designated for that purpose.
  • It is prohibited to stand on a dock, except in areas designated for that purpose. 
  • To use the service dock, you must plan to portage your watercraft from the nearest parking lot (more than 700 metres away from Parc René-Lévesque).


  • Bike stand
  • Boat launching ramp
  • Picnic area
  • Washroom


  • Stroller-friendly
  • Wheel-chair accessible



New Lachine waterfront park
1800, chemin des Iroquois
Montréal, QC H8S 4J5