Green Alleyway Support Program

Last updated April 14, 2021

Want to create a green alleyway in your neighbourhood? Discover how to get the financial assistance and support available to help you bring your project to fruition.


Several steps are involved in completing a green alleyway project, from mobilizing your neighbours to inaugurating the new space.

Once your greening ideas garner support from a majority of local residents, an alleyway committee must be formed. This committee monitors the implementation of each phase in the project. 

Your éco-quartier and borough offer logistical, material and financial support. 

The borough

  • Offers material and financial support, for example in relation to site development work, such as removing asphalt to make way for plants and outdoor furniture.

The éco-quartier

  • Supports the alleyway committee, for example in coming up with a development plan and coordinating the activities arising from that plan.

The alleyway committee

  • Oversees the development of the alleyway, for example the planting phase and the installation of children’s play modules and outdoor furniture. The committee also oversees the maintenance of the green alleyway.

Terms and conditions

In order to launch your project, submit an application to your borough or your local éco-quartier.