Limit access to a back lane in Verdun

Last updated November 12, 2020

Would you like to limit vehicle access to your back lane? Find out how here.


Whether the lane has three or four vehicle access points, you can ask the borough to have some of them blocked. It won’t be completely closed to cars. 

Bollards or rectangular planting bins are used to close the lane partially. 

A lane with limited access is safer for pedestrians. Children can play freely and residents can green the space.


For your request to be granted, you must have a petition signed by people who live around the lane. 

Signers must represent at least 5% of households that have access to the lane. Only one person per household can sign.

Selection stages

The borough will assess your application and send a notice to people who have access to the lane. 

People who wish to oppose the project must submit a petition whose signers represent at least 50 per cent of households that have access to the lane.

To request that access be limited, call 311.