Prix du livre jeunesse des Bibliothèques de Montréal

Last updated November 22, 2023

Le Prix du livre jeunesse presented by Montréal’s libraries recognizes the creator of a book for youth ages 0 to 17. It celebrates the richness and diversity of children’s literature in Montréal.


The Prix du livre jeunesse aims to recognize creative excellence in children’s book publishing in Montréal. With this award, the city and its public libraries celebrate children’s literature and its undeniable contribution to Montréal’s stature.

About the award


The city offers a cash prize of $5,000 to the creators of a work in French or English (text and/or illustrations).


The four finalists or pairs of finalists win a $500 cash prize. The cash prizes for finalists are offered by Les Amis de la Bibliothèque de Montréal.


Works must be:

  • Intended for children ages 0 to 17
  • Written by a Montréal-based creator or published by a Montréal-based publisher
  • Written in French or English
  • First published during the reference year (between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year)


  • Works whose creator, or their immediate family, is a member of the jury or secretariat for the award
  • Adaptations, reprints, translations and volume collections (except volume 1) 
  • Self-published works and author publications 
  • Books written by one or more ghostwriters
  • Editions other than print editions

The same person cannot be named the winner of the award in two consecutive years.


The jury is composed of librarians who work in Montréal libraries and have expertise in children’s literature. Jury members can sit on the jury for no more than two consecutive years and must wait at least three years before they can sit on the jury again. The jury is chaired by the librarian responsible for the Prix du livre jeunesse, who does not have a vote.

Jury members are selected by the city. Equity and diversity representation targets are determined when a new jury is selected.

Evaluation process

Each year, all Montréal library staff draw up a list of children’s books that stand out because of their quality and originality. Jury members are asked to read the entire selection and identify the five works that are evaluated during a day of discussions. At the end of that day, the jury selects the winning title and the four finalists.

Presentation of the award

Fall 2023

2023 edition

Learn more about the last edition.

Prix du livre jeunesse: 2023 edition


  • François Blais - Le garçon aux pieds à l’envers (2023)
  • Orbie - La fin des poux? (2022)
  • Diane Obomsawin - Le petit livre pour les géants (2021)
  • Myriam Daguzan - Tout nu! Le dictionnaire bienveillant de la sexualité (2020)
  • Lucile de Peslouan et Geneviève Darling - J’ai mal et pourtant, ça ne se voit pas… (2019)
  • Marianne Dubuc - Le chemin de la montagne (2018)
  • Jacques Goldstyn - Azadah (2017)
  • Jacques Goldstyn - L’Arbragan (2016)
  • Manon Gauthier et Julie Pearson - Elliot (2015)
  • Linda Amyot - Le Jardin d’Amsterdam (2014)
  • Isabelle Arsenault et Fanny Britt- Jane, le renard & moi (2013)
  • Biz - La chute de Sparte (2012)
  • Andrée Poulin - Miss Pissenlit (2011)
  • Janice Nadeau et Hervé Bouchard - Harvey : comment je suis devenu invisible (2010)
  • Daniel Sylvestre et Charlotte Gingras - Ophélie (2009)

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