Subsidy for Businesses in Areas Spanned by the Express Bike Network

Last updated November 2, 2021

Under its economic recovery plan, the city has established the Subsidy Program for Businesses in Areas Spanned by the Express Bike Network (EBN). The objective of this program is to reduce the impacts of construction sites associated with this bike path project.



This program allows businesses in an area spanned by the EBN to receive a subsidy of up to $5,000 per year in order to support them during construction operations. 

The subsidy amount is based on the area covered by the establishment:

  • Area smaller than or equal to 186 m2: $2,500 
  • Area larger than 186 m2 but smaller than 464 m2: $3,750 
  • Area equal to or larger than 464 m2: $5,000


Establishments whose commercial activities include retail sales, product rentals or the delivery of consumer services are eligible, on the condition that they are located in one of the designated areas:


A company with several establishments must submit a separate application for each establishment.

Submit an application

In order to benefit from this program, please complete and sign the application form (in French) and attach the following documents: 

  • Information statement from the Registre des entreprises
  • Power of attorney from the representative (if applicable)
  • Copy of the certificate of occupancy
  • Copy of the lease showing the area spanned by the business

Establishments without a lease or with a lease that does not specify the area must provide a sworn statement accompanied by a plan of the building showing the area occupied.

The application deadline is October 31, 2021.