Contaminated lots

Last updated October 14, 2021

Would you like to find out if a lot is contaminated? See the city’s list of sites.

List of contaminated lots

This list (in French) shows information about contaminated sites. It was compiled by the city, which is legally obliged to keep it updated. Residents, real estate professionals and buyers can easily check to see if a site is contaminated beyond regulatory values. Staff members who evaluate construction or allotment permit applications can also check the list. 

Contamination notice

If soil analysis shows that a lot is contaminated and an activity that could be considered polluting takes place there, a notice is added to the property assessment roll. However, all contaminated lots are not subject to such notice, as the Environment Quality Act only came into force in 2003.

The list of contaminated lots is not exhaustive. A lot that does not appear on it is not necessarily clean.

Find out if your land is contaminated

The only way to know if soil on your property is contaminated is to hire a specialized consultant. Below are some sources that can  help you determine whether your land is contaminated. 

At the Université du Québec à Montréal, you can also consult aerial photographs on site.

Contaminated lot rehabilitation subsidy programs

Through these programs, owners of property with contaminated soil can apply for financial assistance to carry out rehabilitation work for their project.

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