Former quarries

Last updated February 9, 2021

Montréal used to operate a number of quarries. Would you like to know where they are located? View our map.

Some quarries where stone was excavated during the last century were later backfilled with household waste or construction and demolition debris. Lots where clay was extracted, as well as natural depressions, were also backfilled with various materials. At that time, there was no legislative framework around this practice. Later on, these sites were turned into parks or developed for residential or commercial purposes.

Map for locating former quarries and surface deposits

Although the type and depth of filling materials are not known, information about the approximate location and contour of the former quarries and surface deposits is presented on a map (in French). The boundaries shown on the map come from historical sources and plan, so the map’s accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The city cannot be held responsible for how it is used.

Plans, geological studies and topographical measurements are available for each quarry on the map. Residents who have questions should contact their borough.