Higher education and research

Last updated November 9, 2020

Montréal is internationally renowned as a city of knowledge and talent. Its institutions of higher education directly contribute to its economic and community development as well as its reputation as a leader in research and innovation.

Montréal is a dynamic and open-minded city. It is a choice destination for nearly 320,000 post-secondary students, and it welcomes more than 35,000 university students each year. Its institutions of higher learning offer quality educational programs in cutting-edge fields that are recognized worldwide. They include:

  • 11 universities
  • 13 colleges and public educational centres
  • 15 college-level technology transfer centres
  • More than 100 private college-level institutions

Montréal is Canada’s foremost university research hub, with:

  • More than 150 centres and 1,500 research and development institutes
  • 6,000 university researchers
  • Investments of 1.2 billion dollars each year

This innovation ecosystem is favourable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and other employers, who enjoy a highly qualified labour force. These companies and organizations also get the benefits of cutting-edge research in fields with tremendous added value, including:

  • Life sciences and health technology
  • Aerospace
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Video games
  • Cybersafety

The city has created the Carrefour de la Recherche Urbaine de Montréal (CRUM) to strengthen its ties with institutions of higher learning.

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