Acronyms used in job opportunities

Last updated December 1, 2022
Reading time: 1 min

Do you want to know what the acronyms in our job opportunities mean? Check the list of the acronyms we use in job descriptions and what they stand for.

BHRES: A job that has a “bank of hours” to meet a seasonal or occasional need, where the  number of hours offered is less than one normal work week.

BPRE: A bank of applications that could be used to meet occasional needs in one or more business units.

CONC: Permanent position for all professional jobs, except for architect certification, or a regular managerial position.

DIR: Management position for a defined contract period.

ÉTUDE: Student summer job.

QUAL: A list of qualified candidates that is used to fill permanent or temporary jobs.

TEMP: Temporary position.

VPERM: Permanent job for architects, as well as administrative and technical jobs. This designation can also be used to form a list of qualified candidates for the job and business unit posted.