Boulevard Henri-Bourassa: A sustainable mobility corridor

Last updated June 12, 2024
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Express bus service and a bicycle express network will be set up this year on Boulevard henri-Bourassa, between Avenue Marcelin-Wilson and Rue Lajeunesse. The objective is to offer safe and efficient travel on foot, by bike and by bus on a high-traffic route.

All about the work


  • Construction begins: June 2024
  • Construction ends: Spring 2025


On Boulevard Henri-Bourassa, between Avenue Marcelin-Wilson and Rue Lajeunesse


  • Unidirectional bike paths on either side of the boulevard
  • A buffer zone between the bike lane and the bus lane with marking, bollards and concrete guards
  • Reserved bus lanes 24/7 in both directions
  • Universally accessible bus platforms and docks for people with reduced mobility
  • Pedestrian refuge areas at intersections
  • Lights for cyclists and priority lights for buses
  • Reconstruction of some sidewalks
  • Reasphalting the roadway
  • Adding trees to the central median


  • To have a safe and continuous cycling route that is accessible all year round
  • To provide fast, frequent and reliable bus service
  • To offer better connectivity with public and active transport networks: metro, EBN, REM, etc.
  • To mitigate car traffic
  • To improve the safety and experience of the population who live on or move around the boulevard, including those who are more vulnerable
  • To serve neighbourhoods with significant active and public transportation needs
  • To diversify mobility options and facilitate the transition from cars to more environmentally friendly modes of transport
  • To facilitate access to several parks, shops, daycare centres, schools and leisure centres for all users of the boulevard

Traffic and vehicule parking

Several changes are expected on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa as a result of the project:

  • Maintenance of 2 lanes of traffic per direction 
  • Removal of parking spaces and relocation of spaces to transversal streets
  • Pilot project in 2024: Delivery is allowed in bus lanes during off-peak hours during the day for shops located between Rue Meilleur and Rue Lajeunesse

The project as a whole

Eventually, the sustainable mobility corridor on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa will extend 18 kilometres from west to east, from Highway 40 to Boulevard Lacordaire. The first portion is being built in Saint-Laurent and a third is planned east of Rue Lajeunesse in 2025-2026.

Meetings are held with the city, the STM and the residents who are affected by the project so its development can be integrated into their living environment. Resident participation approaches are planned for the various phases of the project.

Information meeting

Did you miss or want to revisit the information evening on May 28, 2024? Watch it here:

View the information session held on December 7, 2023:

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