Commercial streets: Essential and sustainable work

Last updated July 8, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

The city is working on certain commercial streets to rebuild infrastructures that are outdated or in poor condition. This work gives merchants access to quality infrastructures. It also offers an opportunity to redesign commercial streets to be more user-friendly.

What type of work is being done on commercial streets?

Work on commercial streets is essential in order to rebuild roads and repair or upgrade outdated infrastructures such as sewer lines and waterworks. It’s also an opportunity to coordinate work with external partners to repair or upgrade the natural gas, electrical and telecommunications networks. Once the work is complete, merchants will be able to enjoy sustainable infrastructures of quality, giving them peace of mind for several years.

Where possible, we take the opportunity to make these commercial streets greener and more dynamic at the same time by integrating:

  • New public spaces
  • Building spaces for commercial terraces
  • Building curb extensions and widening sidewalks
  • Building pedestrian crossings and bike paths
  • Installing bike racks and street furniture such as benches
  • Upgrading street lighting and traffic lights
  • Planting trees

Why revitalize commercial streets?

Development work on commercial streets helps to create spaces that are safe and enjoyable for everyone, benefitting both residents and merchants. In this way, these projects will help encourage residents to buy locally and stimulate the neighbourhood economy.

Did you know?

Construction sites on commercial streets involve major work that requires coordination with external public utility service partners (natural gas, electricity, telecommunications, etc.) and Montréal’s commercial development corporations, which represent all of the merchants on the street. The city generally tasks a liaison agent with establishing and maintaining channels of communication between residents, the city and the contractor in order to reduce work-related disturbances.

During its work projects, the city also implements assistance programs for merchants and building owners that are affected by construction sites.