Snowman contest

Last updated April 21, 2023
Reading time: 1 min

For the third year in a row, winter’s snowfalls created lots of great opportunities to have fun: Residents brightened the faces of their friends and family by participating in the snowman (and sculptures of all kinds) contest.


The idea was simple: All you had to do was roll, model, shape, photograph, participate and invite friends to vote.

The winners of the 2023 snowman contest are:

  • Lucas et Maëva Chayer diaz, ages three-5 category 

  • Beatrix Berlim, ages six-12 category 

  • Danny Michaud, ages 13+ category

  • Scholz-Gautreau family, family category 

  • École Azrieli Talmud Torah, preschool and school group category

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