Envoi Montréal: An urban and ecological delivery service for merchants

Last updated February 7, 2023
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Do you have a business that is looking for an easier way to deliver parcels? The Envoi Montréal platform offers low-cost delivery options and encourages the use of low-emission vehicles, including electric cargo bicycles.

A complete and cost-efficient shipping offer

Registering to use the platform is free. The platform offers preferential rates negotiated with carriers, thereby allowing users to benefit from savings of 18 to 60 per cent on shipping fees for traditional services. Comparing shipping fees is quick and easy.

Intuitive and accessible, Envoi Montréal integrates seamlessly into your internal systems and the most commonly used e-commerce solutions, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Etsy, Lightspeed, Panierdachat and Magento. 

Regardless of the size of your company and your parcel, using Envoi Montréal offers a host of advantages:

  • Consolidate all your company’s needs onto a single platform to better manage shipping. 
  • Receive orders and prepare shipping labels by integrating your e-commerce boutique.
  • Benefit from several local and carbon dioxide-free (CO2) delivery options at reduced rates.
  • Opt for zero-emission last-mile delivery.
  • Have your items delivered more quickly while minimizing your ecological impact: Bicycles are more agile and less likely to get stuck in traffic.

e-commerce process

Multiple shipping options 

From the platform, merchants can select the carrier that meets their needs from among such major players as Box Knight, Chasseur Courrier, Courant Plus, DHL, Dicom, Nationex, and Purolator, or they can import their accounts into FedEx, UPS and Canada Post files. 

Launched in 2020, Envoi Montréal is a shipping platform designed to help merchants handle the strong growth of online shopping. More than 500 local businesses adopted the service, and no fewer than 175,000 parcels have been shipped since the company’s inception. 

A joint initiative put forward by the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail and the city, this platform was designed and developed with the sustainable mobility expertise of Coop Carbone and Jalon Mtl and the technological solution provided by Machool.

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