From heating oil to electricity, opting for a greener solution

Last updated May 5, 2022
Reading time: 2 min

Why replace your oil heating system for a more energy-efficient one? For financial reasons, but also for your health.

Good reasons to switch to green energy

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Heating oil makes up for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions produced by Montréal’s residential sector. Electrical heating systems pollute 160 times less.

Montréal is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55%, by the year 2030, and to becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. When you opt for an electrical heating system, you contribute to reaching these goals.

Reducing the impact on your health

Air pollutants have an impact on air quality. They may exacerbate chronic illness, such as respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. Converting an oil system to electricity improves air quality, thus reducing the air pollutants that may impact your health.

Savings, risk reduction, less maintenance

By replacing your oil heating system by an electrical one, you will save money. You can estimate your potential savings using the calculator provided as part of the Chauffez vert program.

An electrical heating system also poses less risks of a fire or an explosion. What’s more, an annual maintenance of your furnace is not required, and the risk of a leak is also reduced. This will make your home easier and less expensive to insure.

Financial support programs to switch to green energy

Chauffez vert

This program rolled out by the government of Québec provides financial support to replace an oil heating system by a renewable energy heating system, such as electricity, for instance. Find out more.

Would you like to improve your home’s energy efficiency? The Rénoclimat program provides tips and financial support to reduce your energy consumption and improve the comfort of your home.


This city program offers renovation subsidies to owners of buildings with one to five dwelling units.  If your planned major renovations include converting from heating oil to green energy, you may be eligible for the program. Find out more.

Affordable housing renovation program

The city also offers the Affordable housing renovation program for owners of buildings having 6 dwellings and more, and who wish to carry out substantial renovations, including the replacement of an oil heating system. Find out more.

Provincial Regulation on Oil-Burning Heating Systems

A Québec government regulation (in French) that came into effect in November 2021 prohibits:

  • The installation of an oil furnace in new homes as of December 31, 2021;
  • The installation of an oil furnace, and the replacement of an oil furnace with a fossil-fuel-burning furnace, in existing buildings as of December 31, 2023.

In addition to this Québec government regulation, Montréal is preparing to adopt a bylaw to completely reduce GHG emissions from the burning of fuel oil by 2030.