Inspection of fire hydrants

Last updated April 15, 2024
Reading time: 1 min

The city performs an annual inspection of fire hydrants within its limits in order to ensure that they meet safety standards. These tests can cause water pressure to drop and tap water to become temporarily discoloured.

Fire hydrant inspections are necessary in order to ensure public safety.

These inspections: 

  • Detect and repair leaks in the water supply system to ensure its proper function.
  • Ensure that fire hydrants have an adequate supply of water.
  • Check to make sure fire hydrants are operating properly, by measuring static and dynamic water pressure, and pumping hydrants that do not drain.

Potential impacts

You may observe a temporary drop in water pressure from your tap, combined with a yellowish, brownish or reddish (rust) coloration. If this is the case, please make sure to follow these guidelines before you consume your tap water or use any appliance that requires it.