Mai, mois de la BD: Top-10 picks from our librarians

Last updated April 29, 2022
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There is no age limit when it comes to the enjoyment of comic strips. Looking for suggestions? The following favourites were selected by our librarians.


La femme aux cartes postales, by Jean-Paul Eid and Claude Paiement

La femme aux cartes postales, de Jean-Paul Eid et Claude Paiement, La Pastèque, 2016

Éditions La Pastèque, 2016

This comic strip immerses the reader in the Quebec of the 1950s, with an illustrated story that recalls the popular jazz cabarets of the period.

Recommended by Julie Sélesse-Desjardins, Bibliothèque Robert-Bourassa


J’aime les filles, by Obom

J’aime les filles, d’Obom, L’Oie de Cravan, 2014

Éditions L’Oie de Cravan, 2014

Obom lends a voice to women and their stories, describing how each of them discovered their attraction to women.

Recommended by Maxime Beaulieu, Direction des bibliothèques de Montréal


Mauvais genre, by Chloé Cruchaudet

Mauvais genre, de Chloé Cruchaudet, Delcourt, 2013

Éditions Delcourt, 2013

Based on true events, this superb book tells the unusual story of a couple in which the husband, a deserter, dresses up like a woman to come out of hiding.

Recommended by Alexis Robin-Brisebois, Bibliothèque Marc-Favreau


Portugal, by Cyril Pedrosa

Portugal, de Cyril Pedrosa, Dupuis, 2011

Éditions Dupuis, 2011 

Comic strip author Simon Muchat has writer’s block. He lacks inspiration and desire, and has no projects on the horizon. But he discovers a new way of life in Portugal, after being invited to spend a few days there. A breezy and intoxicating read.

Recommended by Caroline Brunet, Bibliothèque Benny


Sunny, tome 1, by Taiyou Matsumoto (teens and adults)

Sunny, tome 1, de Taiyou Matsumoto, Kana, 2015

Éditions Kana, 2015

Sunny shares the day-to-day stories of a group of children housed in a boarding facility. Whether they are orphaned or awaiting the return of a parent, the children learn to live together and help one another overcome challenges. Readers are sure to shed a tear or two!

Recommended by Mariouche Famelart, Bibliothèque Jean-Corbeil


Traverser l’autoroute, by Julie Rocheleau and Sophie Bienvenu

Traverser l’autoroute, de Julie Rocheleau et Sophie Bienvenu, La Pastèque, 2020

Éditions La Pastèque, 2020 

A humorous comic strip that will appeal to people who share their lives with a furry friend.

Recommended by Ève-Justine Beaudin, Bibliothèque de La Petite-Patrie



Ana Ana, douce nuit, by Alexis Dormal and Dominique Roques (ages 5 and older)

Ana Ana, douce nuit, d’Alexis Dormal et Dominique Roques, Dargaud, 2012

Éditions Dargaud, 2012

Ana Ana, a bubbly little girl with a strong character, sets her cuddly toys on a path of adventure fraught with pratfalls. A series with very little text, ideal for introducing kids to comic strips at a young age.

Recommended by Hélène Dieudé, Bibliothèque de Salaberry


Boni, tome 1 : La dernière bouchée de carotte, by Ian Fortin

Boni, tome 1 : La dernière bouchée de carotte, de Ian Fortin, Dupuis, 2018

Éditions Dupuis, 2018 

This hilarious “one board, one gag” album by Quebec-born comic strip artist Ian Fortin tells of the adventures of a small rabbit with a gumball-shaped nose and his humorous band of siblings. 

Recommended by Isabelle Jameson, Bibliothèque Le Prévost


L’esprit du camp, tome 1, by Axelle Lenoir and Cab (teens)

L’esprit du camp, tome 1, d’Axelle Lenoir et Cab, Lounak, 2017

Éditions Lounak, 2017

At the heart of this surprising day camp, whose eccentric director invites campers to belt out heavy metal music, something strange and menacing is in store. A funny and intriguing comic strip to be read with a bag of marshmallows and some bug spray!

Recommended by Joannie Archambault, Bibliothèque Mercier


Speak, by Emily Carroll (teens)

Speak, d’Emily Carroll, Rue de Sèvres, 2019

Éditions Rue de Sèvres, 2019

Adapted from the novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, this comic strip deals with the difficult issue of rape through the eyes of a victim who can’t find the words to express what she experienced and instead suffers in silence. A troubling but important story. 

Recommended by Sueanne O’Hanley, Bibliothèques de Lachine


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