Mobile social intervention team

Last updated September 20, 2022
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The mission of the mobile mediation and social intervention team is to act quickly in response to conflict, distress or cohabitation situations in public spaces that affect vulnerable people or people experiencing difficulties.

12 psychosocial responders

Twelve civilian psychosocial responders are part of this pilot project, which was developed for the first time in a Québec municipality. The mobile mediation and social response team acts on its own initiative or in response to calls from the Montréal police or community organizations. 

Four types of services are offered: 

  • Rapid, mobile assistance
  • Support and referrals to community and institutional resources 
  • Mediation and conflict resolution around occupancy or use of public space
  • Direct prevention and presence in public space

Social intervention to de-escalate conflicts

The mobile team uses social intervention and mediation to de-escalate volatile situations, refer at-risk individuals to appropriate community resources and apply prevention strategies while maintaining a visible presence in public places. 

In this regard, it aims to create a number of positive transformations that benefit residents, neighbourhoods and community networks, such as:

  • Improved understanding of available resources
  • Increased use of available resources
  • Reduced police intervention
  • Reduced complaints concerning vulnerable people
  • Increased feeling of safety for the whole population, including vulnerable people 

In collaboration with the Société de développement social, the mobile social intervention team is available 15 hours a day from 9 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. 

Contact the mobile team at [email protected]

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