Service de la diversité et de l'inclusion sociale

The Service de la diversité et de l’inclusion sociale promotes diversity and social inclusion, and helps newcomers integrate in Montréal.


The Service de la diversité et de l’inclusion sociale seeks to contribute to social transformation and to highlight all the faces of Montréal, an inclusive, committed and diverse city.

Priority actions for 2022


  • Continue the universal accessibility project with a diagnostic and implementation of its recommendations.
  • Develop a social data hub to promote and share social data intelligence. 
  • Develop an interactive tool for viewing social data and population issues.


  • Develop a framework to promote ethnocultural diversity 
  • Develop a fundamental rights-based strategy to fight discrimination 
  • Update needs assessment as part of the renewed agreement to fight poverty and social exclusion. 
  • Develop a Montréal harm reduction strategy. 


  • Continue implementing ADS+ to improve inclusive municipal services to the population.
  • Continue supporting the healthcare and social services networks and community organizations to support people living with homelessness and promote social cohabitation. 
  • Launch the 2030 Integrated and Resilient Neighbourhoods program in neighbourhoods with high concentrations of vulnerable individuals, in alignment with the neighbourhood project.
  • Consolidate the deployment of the mobile mediation and social intervention team and strengthen current programs by taking new investments into account. 
  • Launch the 2022-2024 Montréal Inclusive at Work strategy to promote the inclusion of immigrants into the workplace. 
  • Extend the scope of the No Fear Access Policy and consolidate projects that can benefit migrants whose status is precarious. 
  • Continue the transitional phase of the Cité des Hospitalières with a variety of stakeholders and gradually open it to residents.


  • Continue the strategy to monitor and evaluate departmental initiatives to ensure they remain aligned with the issues of a diverse Montréal population.

Commissioner for people experiencing homelessness


  • Promote knowledge, cooperation and planning of actions to develop services for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless
  • Advise the city on all aspects of homelessness


Enrich knowledge and communication

  • Create communication and consultation mechanisms with partners, the public and people experiencing homelessness to better understand and express their realities and needs
  • Develop and popularize knowledge about homelessness issues and best practices for support
  • Send information to the city administration, partners and citizens to raise awareness.

Develop services

  • Promote cooperation among partners to develop services adapted to the needs of people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless
  • Contribute to developing a global vision and a municipal and regional plan to support vulnerable people in the Montréal area
  • Direct requests for help or information to the appropriate authorities

Support public policies

  • Act as a consultant to the city government in developing public policies and practices that promote inclusion and citizenship, and provide services to people experiencing homelessness.

About the commissioner

Serge Lareault was the Executive Director of Groupe L’Itinéraire, a well-known magazine that provides work for people experiencing homelessness, from 1994 to 2014. He was also president of the International Network of Street Papers from 2006 to 2016, a Glasgow-based association of some 120 street papers in 40 countries and 600 cities.

Contact the commissioner by email at [email protected]


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