Our data serving the community

Last updated May 18, 2024
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Montréal in Common brings people together to promote ethical and responsible use of data to solve challenges around mobility, food and social development. Making our data a common resource means understanding more about community needs in order to address them more effectively.

Supporting projects with a social impact

The Laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal (LIUM), in collaboration with its partners, is looking for technological solutions and tools to deal with a variety of urban challenges and improve residents’ quality of life by supporting projects with a strong social impact. Sharing data promotes collaboration among key players from a wide range of backgrounds in order to discern the needs of the community and develop innovative solutions that address them.  

For example, by pooling mobility data, we aim to create a unique access point that will integrate information about public transportation, car sharing, bike sharing, taxis and parking. 

Consolidating social data means that community efforts and resources can be shared in order to offer more healthy, local food to people living in food insecurity.

In collaboration with a variety of Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, we also want to work with Montréal’s Indigenous populations to collect and manage information that affects them, ensure that data is used in a fairer and more representative way and facilitate better decision-making. 

An ethical, responsible and secure approach

Public trust is Montréal in Common’s priority with respect to its data management. Ethical use of information is based on a governance structure that prioritizes personal rights in the digital age while conserving the primacy of general interest and the common good. The protection of personal information, consent and security of shared data must help partners serve the community.. 

Sharing our data sources and facilitating their analysis helps us understand more about the issues that our communities face. 

Montréal in Common

Montréal in Common is an innovation community led by the city. Its partners are experimenting with solutions to food access, mobility and municipal legislation with a view to redesigning the city. Montréal in Common projects are made possible by the government of Canada as part of the Smart Cities Challenge.