"Plan de développement de la zone agricole"

Last updated September 23, 2021
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The “Plan de développement de la zone agricole” (Development Plan for the agricultural zone) is designed to mobilize the boroughs, demerged cities and agricultural partners to develop sustainable and ecological agriculture.

Drafting of the first PDZA (Development Plan for the agricultural zone of the Montréal agglomeration) was a chance to establish a Montréal vision for agriculture. The plan explains how current agricultural activities can be maintained and enhanced, and how to develop innovative agricultural production in urban areas.

The proposed orientations seek to respond to the principal challenges in the agricultural zone.

Four major orientations

  • Enhance agriculture in the western part of the agglomeration, and promote it among citizens
  • Ensure the long-term productive capacity of agricultural land in the agglomeration
  • Promote the development of multi-functional agricultural activities
  • Integrate the development of commercial agricultural activities in industrial and commercial areas in urban districts