Urban Agriculture Strategy: Adapting to climate change

Last updated April 20, 2023
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Montréal is a world leader in urban agriculture through its many citizen, community and commercial initiatives. This strategy supports the practice of sustainable urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture: Planting the seeds of biodiversity

The practice of urban agriculture is evolving in step with new environmental, social and economic concerns. The urban agriculture strategy sets out clear directions for becoming a more resilient, greener city. To ensure that the evolution of urban agriculture is sustainable and promotes biodiversity, Montréal is encouraging citizen and community-based urban agriculture, increasing agricultural production and improving the management and governance framework for agriculture in the city. In doing so, the city is responding to the growing demand for this practice by leveraging the expertise of its partners active in the field.

Measures and actions to promote local agriculture

In its strategy, Montréal adopts four orientations to stimulate and encourage the development of local agriculture:

  • Educate people and raise awareness about urban agriculture, and encourage its practice by residents and communities.
  • Increase agricultural production within Montréal city limits and support commercial urban agriculture.
  • Encourage resilient and ecological urban agriculture.
  • Improve the management and governance framework for urban agriculture.

This strategy is part of Montréal’s Climate Plan 2020-2030.

All Montrealers are being asked to do their part to strengthen the city’s ecosystem! Read the complete plan.

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