Pollinator protection plan: 2022-2027 objective

Last updated April 3, 2024
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Protecting native pollinators and their habitats and recognizing their importance in Montréal’s urban ecosystems. This is the main objective of the 2022-2027 Montréal: A Biodiversity Territory to Support the Protection of Pollinators plan.

Montréal is adapting its practices for the development, management and maintenance of green areas, to meet the needs of these species. The city is also limiting the sale and use of pesticides across its territory.  

Three main goals 

  • Conserve, create and connect pollinator-friendly habitats  
  • Improve pollinators’ living conditions  
  • Recognize the importance of pollinators for biodiversity  

To reach these three main goals, the city has planned 14 actions. One of these actions involves the distribution by boroughs and participating libraries of perennial native plant species that promote pollinator activity.

Citizen participation 

Would you like to take action to support pollinators and urban biodiversity? Here are some things you could try:  

  • As you plan and maintain your landscaping, keep in mind the entire life cycle of pollinators, including their feeding, nesting and hibernation habitats (Page 30 of the Plan)  
  • Integrate native plants into your landscape 
  • Get your garden certified through the My Space For Life Garden program  
  • Contribute to various citizen science programs: Mission Monarch  eButterfly or the Biodiversity Challenge

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