Pollinator protection plan: 2022-2027 objective

Last updated November 23, 2022
Reading time: 1 min

Montréal has created its first pollinator protection plan. Its goal is to improve current and future living conditions for these species, which play a central role in our ecosystems.

Protection and creation of habitats

In order to thrive in our urban environment, pollinators that are native to the island of Montréal need more diverse landscapes, a wider array of floral resources and an overall reduction in pesticide use. 

Protecting and creating habitat for pollinators improves the living conditions of other species that are part of our urban environments, including reptiles and certain birds and invertebrates. Their presence contributes to food production and biodiversity. 

Biodiversity is declining on a global scale, and pollinators are directly affected. With the 2022-2027 Montréal: A Biodiversity Territory to Support the Protection of Pollinators plan, the city has made a commitment to protecting indigenous pollinators and their habitats, while recognizing their importance in Montréal’s urban ecosystems.

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