Sharing kitchen equipment to feed vulnerable Montrealers

Last updated June 7, 2024
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The Cantine pour tous is developing an online platform for kitchen space and equipment to benefit vulnerable Montrealers. Food production organizations can increase the number of meals they prepare to feed vulnerable communities.

Montréal is supporting this food security project steered by the non-profit organization La Cantine pour tous. It’s an online directory that makes unused kitchen spaces and equipment available to organizations that need it, optimizing the use of facilities in order to prepare more meals for the most vulnerable Montrealers.

From restaurants to community groups

All organizations in the fields of food service, processing and distribution can contribute to and benefit from the platform. Its objective is to produce more meals without requiring organizations to expand their space or invest in expensive equipment. 

Restaurants, community groups and private or institutional food service organizations can rent kitchens, trucks, storage spaces and other specific kitchen equipment at specific times and for specific periods. 

Solidarity all the way to the plate

This technological platform is a tangible way to reinforce solidarity, equity and inclusiveness in the food system and in the entire Montréal community.

The project’s long-term impact is more healthy and affordable meals that are produced and distributed to populations that need it the most. That means more trucks, refrigerators, shared kitchens and more collaboration in the food service community.

Montréal in Common

Montréal in Common is an innovation community led by the city. Its partners are experimenting with solutions to food access, mobility and municipal legislation with a view to redesigning the city. Montréal in Common projects are made possible by the government of Canada as part of the Smart Cities Challenge.