Six concrete actions in favour of biodiversity in Montréal

Last updated April 19, 2024
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Montréal is a leader when it comes to sustainable urban development in North America. In the knowledge that nature offers a host of benefits to our communities, the municipal administration has stepped up its efforts to protect the environment in the past several years.

Discover six of our initiatives in favour of biodiversity.

With biodiversity declining at an unprecedented rate, cities have an essential role to play in restoring the connection between humans and nature. In response to this situation, Montréal is mobilizing in favour of biodiversity by presenting six of its initiatives today.

Initiatives to protect our natural heritage

These initiatives take the form of concrete actions that the city has taken to protect our natural heritage. Discover the fact sheets outlining these actions. Each sheet describes the initiative, provides keys to the success of a similar project, and shows how this initiative contributes to global biodiversity objectives. 

This project was completed with support from the international organization ICLEI (and CitiesWithNature) and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. These six initiatives are helping the city meet some of the 2030 action objectives set out in the Global Biodiversity Framework.

The Ecosystem Management Program

This program ensures a balance between protecting natural environments and providing access to them so that the public can appreciate the benefits they offer.

Coexistence with the coyote

With coyotes being observed in unusual areas, Montréal has developed a management plan meant to promote our safe coexistence with the animal.

Conservation of wildlife trees

In nature parks, dead, diseased or living trees with cavities are being preserved, as they provide a home for certain species of birds and small mammals, among others.

Environmental action days

Environmental action days are intended to get residents engaged in efforts to favour Montréal’s natural heritage through concrete actions and collective initiatives.

Revamped and improved wildlife observation sites

Observation sites have been redeveloped to allow people of all ages, regardless of their physical condition, to foster an appreciation for wildlife without disturbing it

Wildlife corridor in an urban environment

In order to restore the connection between habitats and provide a safe passage for small wildlife, a corridor has been developed beneath a busy boulevard.

Taking action now

The municipal administration is making these sheets available to municipalities in an effort to  share best practices and put forward initiatives that promote global biodiversity.