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Last updated March 22, 2022
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Commercial activities are picking back up now that a number of health restrictions are being lifted. Montréal is continuing to mobilize in support of its merchants as they adapt to a new context.

This series of tools and measures, which were launched by the city or its partner organizations, is specifically for Montréal merchants.

Financial assistance

Funding for businesses

The Fonds Entrepreneuriat commercial offers subsidies to support commercial project implementation and development or recovery activities for businesses that have been affected by the pandemic. Customized guidance is also offered by experts from PME MTL, Montréal’s business support network. Learn more

The small business assistance program, which is managed by PME MTL, gives small businesses access to capital in the form of loans in order to maintain, consolidate or boost business activity that has been affected by the pandemic. Learn more

Assistance for bars and restaurants

PME MTL, The Fonds de relance des bars et des restaurants du centre-ville, which is managed by PME MTL, offers subsidies to offset the financial impact of business closings in the red zone, such as bars and restaurants. Learn more

Financial assistance for businesses affected by major construction

Eligible businesses located in an area affected by major construction can receive financial assistance of up to $40,000 per fiscal year. Learn more (in French)

Support for commercial renovation

Montréal offers grants to eligible merchants and building owners to promote the renovation of facades and commercial premises :

Advisory services

Support for development of a business project

Commercial entrepreneurs can take advantage of free coaching from PME MTL to develop their business project.

  • Business plan optimization
  • Analysis of market research and response to local needs
  • Support for setting up a new business
  • Assistance with the digital shift and the challenges related to e-commerce
  • Referrals to specialized resources and strategic partners

Economic development commissioners in Montréal’s boroughs offer free support to entrepreneurs who want to start a company or implement a business. Learn more about how to buy a commercial space, carry out renovation work, install a sign or commercial terrace or get an occupancy permit. Learn more

Guidance in optimizing digital marketing

Merchants on the island of Montréal can sign up for the digital consultation program developed by the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD). The program’s benefits include:

  • Consultation with a digital marketing and e-commerce expert
  • Access to a digital marketing toolbox
  • Webinars and online training
  • Access to special content that is exclusive to CQCD members

Online sales guidance for merchants

Selling online is more important than ever. Through a city program with the Cégep André-Laurendeau, merchants can obtain personalized guidance and training from electronic marketing advisors to help them develop an action plan, choose providers and set up an online store. For further information

Practical tools

Envoi Montréal

To simplify the shipping of purchases, Montréal merchants can now take advantage of a simple, practical tool. Envoi Montréal offers competitive shipping fees and more environmentally friendly means of delivery. For further information

Delivery platforms for restaurant owners

Montréal restaurant owners can take advantage of affordable ordering and delivery service platforms. These platforms offer fairer commissions and let users reduce their operating costs. For further information

Design Guide for Resilient Businesses

Montréal has made a guide available to merchants to help them revisit the design of their business with a view to resilience and mitigating the impacts of the pandemic. Learn more

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