Urban Plan

Last updated October 22, 2021
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The Urban Plan (Master Plan) is a reference document used to plan land use and development in our city. Learn about the major goals derived from it.

For better quality of life in Montréal

The Urban Plan emphasizes development issues and challenges in order to make Montréal an even more pleasant and dynamic city. With a view to sustainable development, the goals, objectives and actions it recommends are designed to improve quality of life for Montrealers, support economic development and ensure a healthful environment.

Major goals

The Urban Plan establishes seven major goals, which are challenges to be met as we build the Montréal of tomorrow.

  1. High-quality, diversified and complete living environments
  2. Determinative, efficient transportation networks fully integrated into the urban fabric
  3. A prestigious, convivial and inhabited centre
  4. Dynamic, accessible and diversified employment areas 
  5. High-quality architecture and urban landscapes
  6. An enhanced built, archaeological and natural heritage
  7. A healthful environment

A sustainable urban plan

The Urban Plan conforms to the principles of sustainable development. They lead to actions that take into account environmental, social and economic dimensions so that future generations can continue to have access to resources for a high quality of life.

In keeping with the Kyoto Protocol, the plan includes measures to reduce automobile dependence. It encourages greater use of public transit and non-motorized means of travel. For example, it requires higher construction densities within walking distance of metro and train stations. The plan also promotes a reduction in distances between housing, stores, services and work spaces.

Urban Plan website

This site presents the integral and up-to-date version of the Urban Plan. You can consult the modifications, analyses, study reports and preparatory documents produced as part of it’s development.