What to do about your ash tree

Last updated September 1, 2023
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If you are the owner of an ash tree, you have certain obligations. You must have it treated if it is healthy, and if it is diseased or dead, you must have it felled. To reduce your costs, the city offers two assistance programs. Learn all about them here.

Treating an ash tree

If your ash tree is healthy,  you are required to have it treated against the emerald ash borer once every two years. To assist ash tree owners, the city offers this service free of charge.

You have from May, 1 until July, 31 to apply. Following your registration, an inspector will pass by to assess the state of your tree. If your tree is eligible, the treatment will be completed by the end of August.

Felling or replacing an ash tree

Unfortunately, some ash trees become affected very quickly. Dead ash trees or those having at least 30% dead tree-top branches must be felled.

If your ash tree is diseased or dead, as the owner, you must have it felled.

Disposing of ash wood residue

You can dispose of ash wood residue by:

  • bringing it to the écocentre nearest you
  • including wood disposal in your felling contract

To prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer, storing unprocessed ash wood is prohibited. Therefore, you are not allowed to use ash residue as firewood.

Identifying an ash tree

Certains characteristics distinguish an ash tree:

Branches and opposite leaves

Unique bark

Compound leaves with an odd number of leaflets

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