Apply for ash tree treatment

Last updated July 4, 2023

Are you the owner of an ash tree? If the tree is healthy, you must have it treated against the emerald ash borer every two years. The treatment is free of charge. Find out what to do to take advantage of this service.

Deadline has passed

If your ash tree was not treated last year, you must submit an online application this year. If your ash tree was treated last year, please wait until next year to apply.

Colour code according to the condition of the ash

After you applied, a city crew will visit you to assess the condition of your ash tree and will tie a ribbon around it :

  • Green ribbon: the ash tree will be treated by the end of August. 

A green dot (even year) or blue dot (odd year) at the base of the tree trunk will then confirm that the tree has been treated.

  • Red ribbon: the ash tree must be felled. 

In this case, you must apply for a felling permit from your borough. You can then apply for a subsidy to have the costs of felling reimbursed, partially or completely. Certain criteria must be met for the subsidy to be granted.

 A red line painted on a tree trunk on public property means the tree will be felled by our teams.

Required documents

Only new owners and representatives of owners, as well as co-ownership or company unions, must provide
 a copy of one of the following documents, depending on the case: