City council

City council is Montréal’s primary decision-making body. It adopts municipal budgets, by-laws, motions, programs, subsidies and governmental agreements. Learn all about it here.

City council is composed of 65 elected officials:

  • the mayor of the city, who is also mayor of Ville-Marie
  • The city council chair, who is also a city councillor 
  • 18 borough mayors
  • 45 other city councillors

City council meets at an ordinary meeting on the third or fourth Monday of every month. The city council chair presides over these meetings.

Additional meetings may be held on Tuesdays, along with any extraordinary meetings that may be held on an occasional basis, particularly to vote on the city’s annual budget.

Residents who wish to participate in the meetings may submit a question to elected officials (in person or in writing) or view live retransmissions from city council at city hall.

The agenda is made available on the Friday preceding the meeting. Archived meeting agendas, minutes and official documents may be viewed online (in French).

Visit our YouTube account to watch archived videos of city council(in French). If you would like to consult a video archive broadcast before 2019, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

2023 session archives (in French)

2022 session archives (in French)

2021 session archives (in French)

2020 session archives (in French)

2019 session archives (in French)