Replace a cat or dog tag

Last updated January 3, 2024

Have you lost your dog tag? Is your cat tag damaged? Here is how to replace a lost or damaged tag.

In Montréal, dogs must wear a valid tag issued by the city at all times. Wearing a tag is not mandatory for microchipped cats. 

The tag is valid for the pet’s entire lifetime.


A $11 fee applies to replace a lost or damaged tag.

Homeless person
Free if you provide proof that you have visited one of the organizations accredited by the city in the past six months:

  • Accueil Bonneau
  • Action-Réinsertion (le Sac à dos)
  • Le bon Dieu dans la rue, organisation pour jeunes adultes
  • C.a.c.t.u.s. Montréal
  • La cafétéria communautaire Multi Caf
  • Carrefour d’alimentation et de partage St-Barnabé inc.
  • Dîners St-Louis
  • Dopamine
  • Maison des amis du Plateau Mont-Royal
  • La Maison Benoît Labre
  • Mission Bon Accueil
  • Mission Old Brewery
  • Plein milieu
  • Rue Action Prévention (RAP) jeunesse
  • Refuge des jeunes de Montréal
  • Spectre de rue Inc.
  • Travail de rue / Action communautaire (TRAC)
  • L’Unité d’intervention mobile L’Anonyme
  • Y des femmes de Montréal
  • YMCA du Québec (programme Dialogue)

Required documents


One of the following documents:

  • Québec driver’s license
  • Québec health insurance card
  • Canadian or foreign passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Doctors of the World Canada ID card

Proof of address

One of the following documents:

  • Bill from a public utility (electricity, telephone, gas or cable provider) that is less than three months old
  • Bill from an educational institution that is less than three months old
  • Monthly statement from a credit or financial institution that is less than three months old
  • School or municipal tax account statement for the current year
  • Record of Employment Insurance
  • Québec driver’s license renewal notice
  • Québec health insurance card renewal notice
  • Notice of assessment from Revenu Québec or the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Valid Accès Montréal card
  • Home insurance statement or certificate that is less than a year old

Communication channels

Use our online service to replace a cat or dog tag.

Payment methods accepted

Credit card (MasterCard, Visa)

Go to a point of service with your documents and payment.

Payment methods accepted

  • Cash
  • Debit or credit card (MasterCard or Visa)
  • Cheque or money order payable to “Ville de Montréal”