Last updated April 19, 2024

Licenses, tags and leashes: Dog owners must comply with all by-laws and regulations in force in Montreal. Find everything you need to know about pet licenses and dog-related rules.

Compulsory license

Do you live in Montreal and own a dog? You must get a license and renew it each year before it expires.

Do you walk more than 3 dogs at a time? You need a dog walker’s license.

Rules to follow

Dog tag

You will receive a tag along with your license. Dogs must always wear their tags, even if they are microchipped.

Spaying/neutering and microchipping

Spaying or neutering and microchipping are mandatory for dogs over 6 months of age. Some exceptions apply.

Leashes and harnesses

In public places, you must always keep your dog on a leash. The leash must not exceed 1.85 metres in length. Dogs that weigh 20 kilograms or more must also wear a halter or harness that is attached to the leash. Learn more about your other obligations.

Number of animals permitted

You can have up to 8 pets, including:  

  • A maximum of 3 dogs 
  • A combined maximum of 4 cats and dogs 

For example: 3 cats and 1 dog

Visiting Montréal with a dog

You don’t need a license to bring your dog to Montréal, as long as you’re staying for less than a month and have a valid license from your town or city.

Dog parks 

Dog parks are the only public places where you can let your dog run free. More than 50 dog parks are open all year long, all across Montreal.

Potentially dangerous dogs

Special rules apply to dogs that could pose a danger to public health or safety. If your pet bites or displays aggressive behaviour, you must contact the city.

Lost or dead dog

If you lose your dog, or if he or she dies, you have 15 days to cancel your license. Did you find a stray, injured or dead dog? Find out what to do.

File a complaint against a dog owner

Has a dog behaved aggressively? Do you have neighbours who don’t leash their dog or pick up the dog’s droppings? Is there a dog barking all night in your neighbourhood? Report these issues to us.

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