Reserve a library document

Last updated February 22, 2024

If a document is not available at the library because someone else has borrowed it, you can reserve it. You will be notified when the document is returned.

Most library documents can be reserved on site, by telephone or online using a library card

Number of documents

Subscribers can reserve a maximum of 15 documents in their account.

Choose your library

You can collect the reserved document at a library of your choice. When you reserve the document, be sure to provide the name of the library where you would like to collect it.

Availability notice

You will receive a notice by e-mail or telephone when the document becomes available. You have six days to collect it.


Different conditions apply to certain objects and documents. Others are not available for loan. 

Contact your library for conditions applicable to:

  • society games
  • toys
  • outdoor recreational equipment
  • musical instruments
  • reference documents
  • consoles
  • tablets
  • laptop computers
  • 3D printers

Required documents

Library card

Reserve documents

Use the Nelligan catalogue.

Go in person to one of the libraries in the network or contact the library by telephone.