Social economy: Submit an application under component 1 - Acquisition of a building

Do you operate a social economy business, and are you interested in receiving financing to purchase a building? You can submit an application under the building or lot acquisition component of the subsidy program for buildings occupied by social economy businesses.

Application procedure

Step 1: Project submission form

Please download and complete the subsidy application form.

If you wish to submit an application under both components of the program, please complete one form only and transmit it with the documents required for each component.

Step 2: Required documents

Please provide the following documents in digital format:

  • Letters patent of the social economy business
  • The promise to sell or purchase the building, signed by the social economy business and the seller
  • If you appoint a representative: A document establishing the power of attorney of the person acting on your behalf
  • The financial statements for the last two financial years of the social economy business, or failing that, all the financial statements produced since it was created, or if it was created less than a year ago, its business plan

Step 3: Submit an application

Transmit the completed form with your documents.


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