Call for arts residency projects in Montréal’s arts centres

Last updated October 25, 2022

Would you like to dedicate yourself fully to a creative project? Montréal’s arts centres offer residencies for artists to research, develop or finalize a work.



The call for projects is open to any arts residency project, no matter the stage of creation.

Artists, collectives or professional performing arts companies (music, theatre, dance, song, storytelling, slams, etc.) digital arts, circus arts and street arts companies can use existing facilities with or without technical support. It is also possible to develop artistic offerings in unusual or non-traditional locations. 


  • Give artists free access to municipal sites and equipment
  • Promote the network of municipal arts centres and spaces
  • Promote inclusivity, representation of diversity and intercultural ties 

Accepted types of projects

Dry residency: No technical guidance. Use of the space only.

Technical residency: Using technical equipment under the supervision of site personnel. 

“Off the Walls” residency: Arts residencies in unusual places (cultural centre, community centre, sports facility, library, park, public square, back lane, etc.) with few or no technical requirements. 

Duration of the residency: Minimum three days and maximum seven consecutive days.

Residencies will take place in all 19 boroughs depending on candidates’ mobility and site availability.


  • Be a recognized professional (artist, collective or performing arts company) 
  • Live or be established in Montréal

Project selection

Projects are evaluated by a committee made up of people from a variety of arts disciplines and communities. 
The committee takes the following criteria into account: 

  • The interest of the artistic process and its relevance to the proposed project 
  • Inclusivity and representation of diversity
  • Feasibility of the project as well as a match between the project’s needs and availability of spaces
  • The number of residencies within the network 

Projects that promote inclusivity and representation of diversity, particularly in regards to Indigenous peoples, racialized groups and ethnocultural diversity, intercultural ties and new talent will be given priority.

Only one project per artist, collective or organization can be submitted as part of this call for projects.

Selected candidates will not receive a bursary. They must pay all fees related to the project (professional fees, transportation, per diem, materials, etc.) 


The residency must take place between January 3 and September 15, 2023 (except between February 27 and March 12 or between April 1 to 23).

In December 2022, managers of selected projects will be advised of their contact’s name, the location and the designated period for the project.

Submit an application

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, October 16, 2022

First, please see the following guide:

Required documents: 

  • Completed registration form (Google Form)


  • A short presentation of the artist, collective or company
  • A summary of the project
  • Desired type of residence
  • Planned dates and technical needs of the project 
  • If applicable: Photos, audio extracts or videos to download

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