Subsidy to develop collaborative work spaces downtown

Last updated November 30, 2022

Would you like to share your offices with another company? To support downtown Montréal’s economic recovery, the city is offering subsidies to companies that would like to build collaborative work spaces.



This program is part of the “Acting Now to Prepare Recovery” program, which has a $2,000,000 budget. It aims to support the transformation of office spaces in downtown Montréal into collaborative spaces that are shared between several companies.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, your company must:

  • Carry out activities or desire to carry out activities in the downtown perimeter (in French).
  • Have fewer than 100 employees 
  • Belong to one of the following sectors:
    • Information and cultural industries (NAICS 51)
    • Finance and insurance (NAICS 52
    • Real estate and rental and leasing (NAICS 53)
    • Professional, scientific and technical services (NAICS 54)
    • Management of companies and entreprises (NAICS 55)

Companies are eligible whether they are owners or tenants. Owners who do not occupy the premises can submit a project if they are looking to operate a shared space for at least two eligible companies.

Companies listed in Québec’s registry of companies that are ineligible for public contracts (known as the RENA, which is short for “Registre des entreprises non admissibles aux contrats publics”) and public organizations are excluded.

Eligible projects

Your project must aim to acquire equipment and have interior renovation work done. You must wait until you have received the program eligibility letter and required permits before undertaking work and incurring expenses. The subsidy will be paid upon presentation of your request for reimbursement for these expenses.

Eligible expenses

  • Equipment acquisition
    • Videoconference, presentation and projection material
    • Adaptable furniture that can be used by several employees
    • Open are workstation that can be used by several employees
  • Interior renovation
    • Walls, floors, ceilings
    • Electricity and plumbing
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Paint

Interior renovation expenses for the following parts of the building are eligible:

  • Dining areas
  • Collaborative rooms for conferences, meetings or workshops
  • Open space workstations
  • Closed workstations
  • Professional fees incurred to deliver the project

You must have the work done by a design professional, such as an architect or designer.


Subsidies will not be awarded:

  • For interior renovations that began before the subsidy application was declared eligible.
  • For equipment that was acquired before the subsidy application was declared eligible.
  • If the project only aims to renovate interior spaces or acquire equipment.
  • For eligible work that was performed without the help of a design professional.
  • For eligible work ending on or after November 30, 2022.

Financial assistance

Selected projects could get up to $100,000 in financial support, divided as follows:

  • A maximum of $90,000 for renovation work and equipment acquisition

This assistance may cover 50 per cent of the real cost of work, or 60 per cent of the real cost of work if the applicant is a company with fewer than 10 employees or a social economy company.

  • A maximum of $10,000 for professional fees

This assistance may cover 75 per cent of the real cost of professional services without exceeding 10 per cent of the cost of eligible work.

Only one subsidy application can be presented per company and per space.

Project delivery

You have until 6 p.m. November 30, 2022 to deliver the project.

Submit a project

Gather the following documents in electronic format:

  • The project submission form (in French).
  • Registre des entreprises du Québec information report.
  • A document that designates a representative to act on behalf of the company, if applicable.
  • Copy of the occupancy certificate in effect, if possible.
  • Proof of rental from the company and all companies that occupy or will occupy the collaborative work spaces in the area targeted by the application (lease or accepted offer to purchase or rent).
  • A detailed estimate of the costs of work, equipment and professional services.
  • An agreement form from the owner (in French) if interior renovation work other than painting is planned.

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