The Info Neige Montréal application

Want to know the status of snow removal from Montréal streets? Or find out when to move your car? Find free parking when there’s snow? Download the free Info-Neige app.


The Info-Neige MTL mobile app uses Montréal’s municipal open data in real time. It’s your best source of information for getting around by car or bus this winter!

Track the progress of snow removal in Montreal

Monitor the progress of snow removal and snow loading operations as they happen. You can quickly find out which streets have been cleared and in which boroughs the snow has been picked up.

Receive a notification when you need to move your car

With the official Info-Neige app, you can easily define the position of your vehicle. You will receive an alert when the status of your street (snow-covered street, planned operation, snow removal in progress, etc.) changes.

Find free parking

Need to move your car? Check the map of incentive parking offered by the city to find out where to temporarily park your vehicle while the streets are being cleared of snow.