Goods and services required

Last updated March 21, 2024

Interested in doing business with the city and want to know what goods and services are required? Here is what you need to know.

Description of goods and services


Equipment, merchandise, products or supplies purchased or leased as part of the city’s operations. Charges may be included for the installation, operation and maintenance of these goods.

General services

  • Technical or manual services, which may include the supply of parts or materials.

Professional services 

  • Services of an intellectual, creative, or professional nature (translation, advertising, commercial agreement, etc.)

Execution of work

  • Construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair, renovation or rehabilitation of a building or civil engineering structure, including site preparation, excavation, drilling and blasting, supply of products and materials, equipment and machinery if foreseen in and related to the contract, and installation and repair of fixed equipment of a building or civil engineering structure.

Offering your services to the city

The only way to submit a proposal to offer products or services is to respond to a public or invitational tender or request for quote. If your business is registered in the supplier database, you will have a better chance of being invited to participate in the bidding process.

Lobbying is governed by the city’s by-law on contract management. You must ensure that you consult the by-law and comply with the requirements before taking any steps to promote your products or services.

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