Heating dwelling units

Last updated May 19, 2024

Proper heating is vital to ensure the comfort and safety of occupants. If you are a tenant or the owner of a dwelling in Montréal, learn everything you need to know about heating.

For a dwelling to be deemed suitable for habitation, it must meet certain criteria in regards to heating.


  • A dwelling must be equipped with a permanent heating system in proper working order.
  • During the cold months, it must be possible to heat a dwelling to a minimum temperature of 21°C.
  • In periods of extreme cold (-23°C or colder), a dwelling may be cooler than usual, particularly when the heating system is set to full capacity and it is difficult to keep the temperature constant.
  • In a vacant dwelling or a space not suitable for living, such as a bathroom, a hallway or a laundry room, the temperature must be kept at a minimum of 15°C.
  • Between October 30 and April 30, the windows in a dwelling must include storm sashes, unless the windows have double glazing.

Owner’s responsibilities 

The owner of a dwelling is responsible for ensuring that its heating system functions properly. 

The owner must also make sure that the doors and windows, including the frames, are watertight.

Tenant’s responsibilities

In the event of a prolonged absence, the tenant must keep the temperature in his or her dwelling at 15°C.

Reporting a problem

If you notice that minimum heating standards are not being observed in your dwelling, you can report the problem

If the outdoor temperature has been below 0°C for a few days and you are experiencing heating problems, contact 311 directly.

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