Loisirs Montréal

Last updated May 26, 2022

Use the Loisirs Montréal online service to register for a sports and recreation activity offered by the city or reserve a tennis or badminton court. Users can also register for day camps in certain boroughs.

Sports and recreation programming in most Montréal boroughs is available throughloisirs.montreal.ca. You’ll find details on English courses, creative workshops, as well as zumba, yoga, and dance classes. Please go to the Web site to register or register your child for an activity. The Web site also lets you reserve an indoor or outdoor sports facility, for example to play tennis, badminton or volleyball. 

If there is a problem with reserving a space or registering for an activity, please contact the organization or borough that is in charge of the space or activity.


A reservation can be canceled as follows:

  • Paid reservation: Call the same number you dialed to make the initial reservation. 
  • Reservation made free of charge: View the procedure posted on the Loisirs Montréal Web site.

What you need to know

To use this French-language online service, you will need a valid library card or recreation card, and you’ll need to create an account.

To register all of your family members, you will need to create a family account. This will save you time during registration, and you can get special family rates. Each family member must hold a valid library or recreation card. Here’s how to create your file.

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