Sainte-Catherine Ouest Project

Last updated September 12, 2023

Recognized as one of the world’s most dynamic shopping streets, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest is undergoing a transformation. Learn about the three phases of this major urban revitalization project.

A new downtown experience

The goal of the transformation of iconic Rue Sainte-Catherine is to give residents and visitors a very inviting public space. The urban design places the pedestrian at the heart of the public space. You’ll be delighted by the new Rue Sainte-Catherine experience.

A project in 2 phases

Phase 1

The redevelopment work on rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, between rue Mansfield and rue Bleury, on square Phillips and on avenue Union, juxtaposed with the square, has been completed and marks the transformation of the thoroughfare.

The widened sidewalks, cobbled surfaces, numerous trees and new seating areas restore the titles of nobility to these urban spaces in the city centre.

Development results

Phase 2

The redevelopment of the artery, between rue Mansfield and avenue Atwater, will continue in continuity and consistency with phase 1 while meeting the specific characteristics and needs of the sector.

To follow the consultation process and the design of the lots west of Bishop, consult La Sainte-Catherine - Phase 2.

Discover the development concept of the section between Mansfield and Bishop streets (Lot 1) which combines comfort, conviviality and safety by reversing the sharing of the street in favor of the pedestrian.

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