Tax account

Last updated January 15, 2024

Your account contains all information about your building. It shows the value, building category and rates that were used to determine the amount of taxes payable for the current year.

Your tax account

Your tax account is divided into two parts:

  • The upper portion shows data that are used to calculate the annual amount payable for your building. It lists information about the building and the account holder along with the information you need in order to use certain online services we offer.
  • The detachable stub provides the information you need to make your payment, including the reference number to make a payment through your bank’s Web site. The stub must be attached to your payment if you mail it in or bring it to one of our points of service in person. Your financial institution may also require it.

Composition of your tax account

The following elements appear on your tax account statement:

  • The access code to view your tax account balance online
  • The reference number to pay online (varies from one year to another) 
  • The adjusted taxable value of your building for the current year
  • The rates used to calculate taxes
  • Payment deadlines


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