$500,000 to help make Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest more attractive

Last updated December 4, 2023
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The city has made a $500,000 financial contribution to the Partenariat Quartier des Spectacles to develop initiatives designed to improve the user experience and enhance the attractiveness of Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest while it’s under reconstruction.

The plan will be rolled out from mid-September 2023 to March 2024 and includes:

  • A team of crossing guards to direct passers-by to shops and inform them about work in progress
  • The creation of a green corridor – to beautify the area around the work site
  • Installation of a luminous, contemplative work of art
  • A marketing campaign to showcase the thoroughfare’s many offerings.


This project is part of the downtown revitalization plan and complements financial assistance programs for establishments located in the area of Sainte-Catherine currently under major reconstruction. All these measures are designed to maintain the vitality of Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest during the construction period.