Déclaration de l’Est : For sustainable and innovative urban development

Last updated December 17, 2021
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The Déclaration pour revitaliser l’est de Montréal, signed in 2018, aims to transform industrial spaces in this vast territory. An agreement between the city and the Québec government provides funding for land redevelopment by 2024.

Three main orientations

The revitalization of the east end of Montréal is central to the city’s green and inclusive recovery. The Declaration is based on three main orientations that reflect this vision of the future:

  1. Promote sustainable and integrated mobility
  2. Promote innovative and sustainable economic development
  3. Improve residents’ living environments

Development projects will be carried out in collaboration with the business community, socio-economic leaders, the Québec government and many other stakeholders.

$100 million for land enhancement

The city has a specific budget of $100 million to decontaminate, redevelop, rehabilitate and upgrade industrial lands in the east end of Montréal.

This funding from the Québec government is helping to create the right conditions for various types of investments. Ultimately, the creation of new innovation zones will attract companies and researchers in sectors of the future, such as clean energy and sustainable mobility.

Two key industrial sectors

The city’s Service du développement économique is responsible for supporting the requalification and growth of priority industrial areas in the East End.

Two targeted sectors may become true employment hubs: The industrial sector of Pointe-de-l’Île and Assomption Sud-Longue-Pointe.

Read about the projects in progress: