Griffintown, a neighbourhood in transformation

Last updated December 21, 2021
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Urban design projects are underway in order to create a pleasant neighbourhood, one where individuals and families can thrive and new businesses can be established. Learn about the different initiatives underway and projects already completed.

Completed projects

Peel, between Rue Smith and Boulevard René-Lévesque

Improvements made
Rue Peel is now more attractive for users, thanks to the following actions:

Surface improvements

  • Construction of protected bicycle paths, part of the Express Bike Network (EBN)
  • Widening of sidewalks and installation of granite curbs and concrete pavers
  • Creation of large covered tree pits and the addition of 78 trees
  • Installation of tree grates with designs inspired by archaeological discoveries
  • Inclusion of new urban furniture
  • Addition of new LED street lights

Underground improvements

  • Reconstruction or rehabilitation of some parts of the water and sewer system not previously repaired
  • Replacement of electricity, gas and telecommunication networks/lines

Rue Rioux, between des Bassins and de la Montagne

  • Installation of new lampposts
  • Creation of a new, small public plaza at the north intersection, at rue de la Montagne
  • Widening of sidewalks
  • Adding granite curbs
  • Adding tree planting pits
  • Adjusting the rainwater collection network
  • Permanent asphalting of the roadway

Rue William, between Guy and Canning; and Rue Canning, between William and Notre-Dame

  • Repair of an Énergir gas line
  • Installation of new lamppost bases
  • Construction of a conduit duct bank (a concrete underground structure that houses electric and telecommunications cables)
  • Permanent asphalting of the roadway
  • Temporary materials were used for concrete edging and sidewalks, until the real estate development constructions are completed. Final work on these elements will be done later.
  • Construction of bicycle paths

Rue Ottawa, between Guy and du Séminaire

  • Work on sewers and drainage at the Rue Saint-Thomas intersection
  • Completion of tree pits on sidewalks
  • Surface work
  • Creation of a raised bicycle path, halfway to the sidewalk curb height, on the south side of Rue Ottawa
  • William water retention basin

Projects in the area

Several construction projects are happening now to continue transformation of the neighbourhood. These projects will renew infrastructure to meet the growing needs of residents, create public spaces where pedestrians have priority and enhance its historic character.

Redesign of streets and parks

In order to make Griffintown a livable neighbourhood, promote active transportation and public transit, Montréal has developed a coherent, unified design vision.

  • Redesign streets according to different types of streets specific to the neighbourhood—and where vegetation predominates
  • Create several parks
  • Transform Rue Ottawa into a cultural corridor
Secteur Griffitown - carte interactive


Griffintown is a former industrial zone currently being transformed; the number of residents in the neighbourhood has greatly increased. Existing infrastructure was not designed to serve so many people. Since it is one of Montréal’s oldest districts, most of the pipelines are at the end of their useful life and must be replaced to avoid leaks and resulting damage.

Montréal sees the infrastructure work as an excellent opportunity to redesign public space in order to:

  • Maintain and enhance built heritage, as well as the street grid and the major arteries that run through Griffintown and connect it to the rest of the city;
  • Conceive streets as livable spaces, not just as space for transportation
  • Emphasize vegetation
  • Promote active transportation and public transit
  • Make density in Griffintown livable, with setbacks and openings, places to linger, with natural light and vegetation, for breathing and meeting
  • Encourage the flourishing of artists, artisans and others that are part of Montréal’s creativity. This will include establishing a ‘cultural corridor’ on Rue Ottawa (which will link several cultural and creative spaces in the neighbourhood, making it a showcase).